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Blooming Size:

In addition to the groups listed below, we have a selection of individual blooming size Zygopetalum hybrids.




Stephenara (Hmwsa. Aussie Quest 'Christmas Beauty' x Zga. Dynamo 'Irish Maiden' Soft subtle purple tones on the first to bloom. These should be fragrant. These are very young plants, and two have already bloomed. $25.00

Npp. Angaston (Zba. Kiwi 'Aussie Stripes' x Zga. Dynamite 'Red Lips')

First to bloom is a lemon green in color with an overlay of stripes, with red stripes on white lips. Compact and perfumed.

$10 - 15

Neopabstopetalum Beverley Lou (Zygopabstia Elfin Jade x Zga Dynamo) Very variable cross with mostly greens, and every one is l.ovely. $20.00

Zba. Kiwi 'Honeymoon' x Kiwi Shadow 'Cabernet'

Very similar to Kiwi Shadow, these should be outstanding in color. Perfumed.


Zba. Kiwi Shadow 'Cabernet' x Z. John Banks 'Purple Lips'

Compact plants with cherry red flowers and solid purple lips. Perfumed.


Zba. (Z. James Strauss x Mannum) These ar near blooming size plants. Their flowers should be dark and fragrant. The two photos shown here are the parents. $30.00

Zga. Charisma (Adelaide Charmer 'Snow Cap' x Dynamo 'Splashes')

Free-flowering multiple spiking lime green with white lips. Compact and perfumed.


Zga. Tatachilla (Adelaide Meadows 'Green Gable' x Dynamite 'Robyn') Fresh scented pure greens, some with starburst patterns. Lots of variation in these plants. $15 & 20
Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'Mint' x Z. Advance Australia 'Ambassador' $15.00
Zga. (Z. Conway's Choice 'Bravo' x Zga. Adelaide Charmer 'Sparkler' $15 & 20
Zga. Dynamite 'White Lips' x Z. Dinkum Aussie 'Bonza' Dark greens featuring red centre splashes and solid lips, on compact plants. Free-flowering habit. Perfumed. $25.00

Zga. Kudos (Dynamo 'Irish Maiden' x Z. Helen-Ku 'Black Out')

Compact plants, with intermediate size blooms of a rich emerald green in color. Perfume will be different.


Zga. Freestyle Meadows (Z. Freestyle 'Cheer' x Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'Finest')

This is a top cross for some of the best greens in the world. Parent Adelaide Meadows "Finest" has good full shape blooms on multiple flower stems and is sweetly perfumed.


Zga. Dynamite (Z. crinitum 'Loddiges' x Dynamo 'Splashes') Lively greens with bold red overlaying stripes. Free flowering habit. Perfumed. $25.00
Z. Centenary (Advance Austalia 'Cute' x Helen-Ku 'Black as Black' Dark and fragrant. $30.00

Z. James Strauss x Artur Elle

Dark petals and sepals with a blue-purple lip on this fragrant Zygopetalum.


Z. Kiwi Dusk (Artur Elle x maxillare) Divisions of a dark clone. One plant left. $30.00

Z. Kiwi Charmin 'Capital' x Artur Elle 'Essendon' HCC/AOS

Large round showy blooms on larger plants. Colour to be a velvet chocolate. Perfumed.


Z. Titanic 'Grand Prix' x Freestyle 'Cheer' Compact plants, green with brown spots and a velvety magenta-purple lip. Sweetly perfumed. $25.00

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